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94-415 Makapipipi St.

Mililani, HI 96789


Now you can get your aquaponic supplies right here in at the farm.  We have high quality fish feed, tilapia fingerlings, grow media, organic fertilizer and many more!

"All gardening is landscape painting"


      -Alexander Pope

Ebb & Flow System


Dutch Bucket System

Aquaponic Systems

Tomato Dutch Bucket

Because of its simple yet effective design, the Ebb and Flow system is by far the most popular aquaponic system amongst enthusiasts.  Normally consisting of two main components (fish tank and growbed) this system is relatively easy to maintain and produces in abundance.  In this system, the nutrient rich water is pumped up into a growbed, which then feeds the plants.  Once the water reaches the desired level, the bell siphon is activated and the growbed is completely drained.  This flood and drain action allows oxygen to the plant roots and ensures that the plant roots won’t rot.


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