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94-415 Makapipipi St.

Mililani, HI 96789


Have your next Birthday party, Company dinner, or your baby's first Luau here in the Gardens for a truly one-of-a-kind experience.  E-mail us at to give your guests a day they will never forget.

Ian's Chinese Style Steamed Tilapia



              1 Mari's Farm Raised Tilapia

              1/2 Cup Ginger

              1 Mari's Negi Onion

              1 Cup Mari's Watercress Tips

              Mari's Micro Cilantro (to taste)

              Mari's Ong Choy

              5 tbsp Bonito Flavored Shoyu

              5tsp Cooking Wine

              Salt & Pepper to taste

              5 Cloves Garlic (Sliced)




         1.  Julienne the tops (green part) of Mari's Onions and half of the ginger. Dice the stem of the

              Negi (white part) and ginger.  Keep the dice Negi and ginger in a separate bowl.


         2.  Make diagonal slits in tilapia and stuff with diced Negi, ginger and garlic.


         3.  Toss the julienned Mari's Negi, julienned ginger, watercress, ong choy, shoyu, salt,

              pepper, and wine until thoroughly coated.


         4.  Pour mixture over Mari's Tilapia.


         5.  Steam for 20 minutes, garnish with Mari's cilantro, serve, and enjoy!