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Localicious Heros: Hawai‘i’s Largest Hydroponics Farm Run by Mililani Family

Nestled in the bustling community of Mililani, you can find Hawai‘i’s largest hydroponics farm growing produce for the surrounding community and island. Founded in 2007 by Fred Lau, Mari’s Gardens was created as an extension to his landscaping business after realizing the need for local produce in his community. The farm was named after his daughter who, along with his other children, now manage and maintain the 18-acre farm. “My father is a landscaper and we grew up on a nursery where he grew his own plants. He also taught us how to grow vegetables and food crops there,” explained Brendon Lau. 

Due to the limited farm space and lack of land where they were living, Mari’s Gardens took a different approach to farming. Utilizing aquaponic, hydroponic, and hybrid farming systems to grow synthetic pesticide free produce, the family is working towards creating the most progressive and sustainable farm in Hawai‘i.

The Lau family prides itself in being able to offer such a large variety of plants to their customers without negatively impacting the land they use. This flourishing farm offers their produce and plants to local community members through their physical location at the farm shop and at their Urban Gardens in Honolulu.  Mari’s Gardens has also partnered with many local farms such as Aloun Farms, Kahumana Farms, Kahuku Farms, Sky Kombucha, Twin Bridge Farm, and Small Kine Farms to stock their products in the Mari’s Gardens farm shop.

If you’re looking for beautiful decorative plants, quality produce, landscaping services or even interested in taking a fun and educational workshop, stop by Mari’s Gardens and support a small local farm in Mililani that does it all.


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