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Air Plant Weekly Fertilizing Spray

Air Plant Weekly Fertilizing Spray

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Feed your tillandsias and epiphytes the way that nature intended - through a nutrient-rich mist or soak! Get the biggest, most outrageously colorful blooms by adding this fertilizer to your weekly routine. Your air plants will love the added moisture and attention. Our Air Plant Fertilizer comes in three different variations - a ready-to-use 8oz spray bottle and 1oz and 4oz concentrates that are ideal for refilling your spray or making larger batches for soaking your air plants.

HOW TO USE Our easy 8oz spray requires no mixing or measuring. For 1oz and 4oz concentrates, add a couple of droppers to your empty spray bottle, top with water, and you are ready to go. For larger batches, mix two tablespoons into a gallon-sized jug.

FOR ALL HOUSEPLANTS & TERRARIUM PLANTS All of your houseplants will also love our 16-9-25 formula. Foliar feeding is the most efficient way to give your plants what they need. We also recommend using this spray on your terrarium plants and bromeliads.

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