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Air Plant Weekly Fertilizing Spray Concentrate

Air Plant Weekly Fertilizing Spray Concentrate

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Feed your collection of tillandsias & epiphytes the way that nature intended - through a nutrient-rich mist or soak! Get the biggest, most outrageously colorful blooms by adding this fertilizer to your weekly routine. Your air plants will love the moisture & attention. Three different variations: ---

For 4oz concentrate - Make larger batches to soak air plants -16 gallons worth!

Add 2T for weekly watering/gallon. Can also be used at a concentration of 1 half droppers-full per 8 oz spray bottle

NOT JUST FOR AIR PLANTS Foliar feeding is the most efficient way to give plants what they need, & all of your houseplants will also love our 16-9-25 formula. We also recommend using this spray on your terrarium plants & bromeliads

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