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Begonia, Maculata

Begonia, Maculata

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Begonia Maculata, commonly referred to as the Polka dot Begonia, is undoubtedly one of the most strikingly gorgeous species of indoor plants. This exotic plant derives its name from its unique silver spotted leaves and red undersides. It is rumored that Christian Louboutin created his trademark red-heeled shoe to mimic the undersides of the Begonia Maculata. So, it shouldn’t be surprising to hear that this plant requires specialized attention and care!

 Light : 

Thrives in bright indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight.

Water Drop Icon #184534 - Free Icons LibraryWater Drop Icon #184534 - Free Icons Library Water : 

Prefers moist soil. Water before the soil completely dries out.

+ Plant Tip : 

Begonias require high humidity levels. Your kitchen or bathroom is the ideal location (as long as these areas receive the proper amount of light) because these places typically have high moisture levels.

To increase humidity levels, you can place a saucer of water near your plant or you can use a humidifier!

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