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Bonsai Starter Kit

Bonsai Starter Kit

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Everything you need to bring the joy of growing bonsai into your or a loved one's life - in one sleek box:


  • 4 types of seeds (Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine, Black Poui, Norway Spruce, and Flame Tree) stored in seed-safe packets for better germination,
  • 4 burlap growing pots,
  • 1 expanding-soil disc,
  • 4 bamboo plant markers,
  • 1 bonsai clipper and a beautiful,
  • comprehensive and simple instruction booklet.
#1 growth performance: The seeds are stored in our seed-safe packets to ensure proper germination. The perfect DIY gift: For mom, dad, him or her, this is the perfect gift to give on birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, housewarming, or any other occasion — ideal for beginners, masters, and children alike. See the excitement in their eyes as they experience growing indoor bonsai trees.
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