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Ficus Triangularis Variegated

Ficus Triangularis Variegated

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The Variegated Ficus Triangularis is a relatively uncommon member of the Ficus family, and is closely related to the Fiddle Leaf Fig. This tree sports waxy triangular leaves that are edged with a stunning off-white shade. As the plant ages, it slowly grows from a shrub to a tree and can reach 6 feet or more indoors when cared for correctly.

☀☀☀ Light : 

Thrives in direct sunlight.

Water Drop Icon #184534 - Free Icons LibraryWater Drop Icon #184534 - Free Icons LibraryWater Drop Icon #184534 - Free Icons Library Water : 

Water before soil completely dries to the touch. Soil should be kept damp at all times. 

+ Plant Tip : 

Like other Ficus varieties, the Variegated Ficus Triangularis will commonly drop leaves if stressed or shocked. Moving your Ficus from one environment to another, exposure too hot or cold drafts (heating/a/c vents, the soil drying out excessively are all common reasons that causes your Variegated Ficus to drop its foliage prematurely. 

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