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Maui Rainbow Tea

Hibiscus & Hawaiian Fruit Herbal Tea

Hibiscus & Hawaiian Fruit Herbal Tea

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Hibiscus & Hawaiian Fruit Herbal Tea: You can taste all of the Hawaiian flavors in this tea. Mango, pineapple, papaya and coconut are blended with hibiscus to make an exotic fruit tisane filled with tropical flavors of the islands. Features of our handcrafted artisanal Hawaiian tea.

  • Perfect for gift baskets, flat lay gift boxes or retail shelves - This caffeine free herbal tea is perfect for caffeine conscious consumer looking for a stress relief tea, relaxation aid or sleep aid tea
  • Made from premium loose leaf tea blended with tropical Hawaiian fruit
  • Made in Maui, Hawaii
  • Method of Serving: Hot or Iced
  • Caffeine Content: Naturally caffeine free
  • Shelf Life: 18 months
  • Size: 1.4 oz/20 teaspoons.
  • Makes 20 cups of hot tea or 1 gallon of iced tea.
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