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Ishi Vase

Ishi Vase

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Origami vase “ishi” for dried flowers. Minimalist and sustainable design.

Bring a touch of originality to your interior with this origami ishi design vase printed in wood, which enhances and enhances your plants and dry flowers. Its pure lines and material will bring a natural, zen, Scandinavian and original side to your interior, but also makes it an original gift to offer to her, him, and your loved ones!

We recommend using this vase with dried flowers or using a waterproof container.

This vase is made from an organic and eco-friendly material: a mixture of recycled wood (30%), and bioplastic made from corn (70%). Its composition makes it renewable and biodegradable! SAVOIR-FAIRE The Ishi vase is an original design and is made in our workshop in France since 2016 with Love !

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