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Kakou Collective

Lei Kalaunu Greeting Card

Lei Kalaunu Greeting Card

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Lei Kalaunu is inspired by a style of lei making called lei kui poepoe where the decorative material is strung in a circular pattern. Lei is a symbol of aloha and giving lei is an extension of aloha. It can be given as a symbol of love, friendship, to celebrate, or even honor someone. This lei is strung with pua kalaunu. Although both flowers are not native to Hawaiʻi, they are local favorites and were said to be the favorite flower of Queen Lili’uokalani as it was thought to resemble the royal crown.

  • Lei Kalaunu: Lit. Lei: Garland/wreath of flowers;
  • Kalaunu: Crown Lei kui poepoe: Lit. Kui: to string pierced objects, as flowers in a lei;  Poepoe: rounded, circular)
  • Puakalaunu: crown flower
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