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Orchid Food Fertilizing Spray - 8oz

Orchid Food Fertilizing Spray - 8oz

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Weekly Orchid Food Fertilizing Spray

  • Ready to Use Mist Increase Humidity & Nutrients House Plants Farm
  • Safe Grow Formula for Orchid Leaves, Stems, Roots
  • 8oz APPLY WITH CONFIDENCE Gentle formula is perfect for misting orchid leaves, stems, and roots to provide your plants with the food they need to grow
  • carefully mixed and diluted to create a safe concentration to spray without burning roots! INCREASE HUMIDITY and nutrients to your orchid houseplants
  • all-purpose orchid spray helps flowering orchids to extend flowering by providing additional hydration.
Orchid fertilizer will fertilize both dormant and blooming orchids to extend blooms and gear up plants for another bloom season! EASY TO USE BOTTLE 8 oz bottle is an attractive addition to your weekly house plant chore schedule. A fine mist sprayer with a locking handle makes it easy to not miss a spot while fertilizing plants
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