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Philodendron, "Florida Green"

Philodendron, "Florida Green"

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Philodendron 'Florida Green' is an impressive evergreen hybrid plant from the Araceae family. Thought to be a cross between the species Philodendron Squamiferum and Philodendron Pedatum. It produces attractive foliage on long, thin stems. The leaves are ornate and pinnately divided into lobed structures.

 Light : 

Thrives in bright indirect light but can tolerate a few hours of direct sunlight.

Water Drop Icon #184534 - Free Icons LibraryWater Drop Icon #184534 - Free Icons Library Water : 

Allow the soil to dry out before watering again.

+ Plant Tip :

Florida Greens aren’t the most susceptible to bugs, but there are some instances where they can get attacked. One of the main culprits is fire blight disease caused by bacteria spreading and attacking its growth. The first noticeable sign is the branches turning dark brown or black. With time an oozy lesion will pop out and may kill your plant. The best is to prune the infected branches and leaves to prevent the disease from spreading. Also, cut down with fertilizing to prevent the bacteria from attacking. Another concern is mealybugs that look like waxy cotton. These critters breed fast, thankfully neem oil works best to remove this pest.

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