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String of Turtles

String of Turtles

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The String of Turtles is a variety of peperomia that thrives in warm, humid climates, as they are tropical plants. The leaves are small in size and the plant has a slow growth rate, reaching full maturity in three to five years. The plant's attractive leaf shape also makes it a favorite to use in fairy gardens, container gardens, and terrariums. That same leaf shape is what gives the plant its common name. Each one looks like the shell of a miniature turtle strung together. Every tiny leaf on its trailing vine has intricate multi-colored patterns covering its surface, the colors become muted with age and eventually become bicolored by maturity, typically a darker green contrasted by light green.

 Light : 

Thrives in bright indirect light.

Water Drop Icon #184534 - Free Icons LibraryWater Drop Icon #184534 - Free Icons Library Water : 

Allow the soil to dry out before watering again.

+ Plant Tip : 

This plant prefers a warm, humid climate. Keep your String of Turtles plant in a consistent temperature environment that ranges from 68 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. During drier summer months or when a heater is running during the winter, you may want to use a mister or humidifier to increase humidity around your plant.

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