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Venus Fly Trap

Venus Fly Trap

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Venus Fly Traps attract bugs by secreting a sweet nectar. If the bug touches a trigger hair twice, the plant will close its trap. The insect's movement will cause the trap to seal, and its digestive enzymes will dissolve the bug's soft tissue. After about a week, the trap will reopen to attract new visitors. 

☀☀ Light : 

Thrives in bright indirect to direct sunlight, during the growing months your plant must be exposed to full sun.

Water Drop Icon #184534 - Free Icons LibraryWater Drop Icon #184534 - Free Icons LibraryWater Drop Icon #184534 - Free Icons Library Water : 

Prefers moist soil. We recommend watering with filtered or distilled water. Venus Fly Traps need to be watered with mineral free water in order to thrive. 

+ Plant Tip : 

Your plant will go dormant during the winter if exposed to cold, even while its dormant you will need to keep the soil moist. Make sure to clip all the dead leaves around spring to promote the growth of your plant.

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